Thursday, December 03, 2009

So you can imagine my surprise when....

So now that you've read the previous post (hopefully!) you will understand my surprise when my neighbor brought over some spiced pecans and a note the other day. I was sitting here working while all four kids were outside playing. I promise (and this is what is so funny) I was sitting here listening to Kendi throw a fit, and then Bright started screaming bloody murder about something, and I was thinking, "WHAT must the neighbors think about us!" I chuckled to myself, thankful nobody has called DHS or the Police (for disturbing the peace) when Taevy brought in the pecans and note. The note read....

"Dear Anita,
You never cease to amaze us! Your strength, patience, love, and hope is such an example to all of us in the neighborhood who know you. I just wanted to take a minute to tell you that you are greatly admired! What you and Eric have done for your children is beautiful. Of course you KNOW I don't like your kids at all!! You are raising happy, well adjusted, well disciplined children, and today that is not so easy. We are so happy you are our neighbors. We feel blessed to know you."

Ha! We've got them fooled! LOL!

No seriously, this one is going on my fridge, where it will remain for years. I will read it when Kendi puts copious amounts of goop in her hair, and when I have just screamed at my kids for being too loud, and when I make mac and cheese for dinner.

This note says much less about me than it does about our neighbor, who is the best neighbor EVER. The've given our car a jump like a dozen times after the kids have left a dome light on. They give us free reign over their pool in the summer. They lavish our children with gifts. They are the grandparents next door, and they think TOO highly of us. =-)



Kait 12:29 PM  

Or maybe God knew you needed someone to tell you that you're just a normal mom. You struggle to get stuff done just like the rest of us. You work hard and you parent and it's all tough but you're managing. Two thumbs up for you!

A. Gillispie 12:52 AM  

Thanks for the kind words Kait!