Thursday, December 03, 2009

Crochet--Bumpy Dish Cloth Pattern

[This post was inspired by one of my sweet AAI families, L, who likes to crochet as much as I do, and made AWESOME crochet wash clothes for our Eban House Aunties this Christmas!]

I have been making crochet dish clothes and dish towels since I got off of my hat kick earlier this fall. For some reason dish clothes are difficult for me. Some patterns just don't work. I printed out like 10 patterns and tried them all to find a favorite. I didn't find a favorite, but I learned some new techniques that helped me create my own favorite! I'm sharing it here in case anybody wants to try it. Sorry if the crochet pattern venacular is off. I'm too tired tonight to worry about it. =-)

This is fast dish cloth to work up. Requires no thought once you've memorized the 4 repeating rows. The front loop backwards slip stitches make wonderful bumply scrubbing ridges. Awesome fro scrubbing gunk off the counters or dishes! If you haven't tried crochet dish clothes, you're missing out! So much tougher than a regular dish rag!

I splurge for cotton yarn for kitchen clothes. Lasts forever and feels lovely. Size G hook, or whatever you'd like. My finished cloth is roughly 10X10.

Chain 31
Row 1: Half Double Crochet (HDC) in 2nd chain from hook and each chain across (30 HDC)
Chain 2 and turn
Row 2: HDC in same stitch and in each stitch across (should always end up with 30 stitches) Chain 2 and turn
Row 3: HDC in same stitch and in each stitch across. Chain 1. DO NOT TURN.
Row 4: Working backwards, in front loops only, work a slip stitch in each stitch across. {Pull yarn through loop but do not then pull yarn over the hool for a single crochet. You're just going to pull the yarn through the hook and then go (backwards) to the next stitch.} Chain 2. DO NOT TURN.
Row 5: HDC in BACK loop of second stitch, and each stitch across (30 stitches!).
Rows 6-7: repeat rows 2-3.
Rows 8-9: repeat rows 4-5.

Continue to desired length. I go 27 rows, which gives you 6 bumpy ridges. Finish off at desired length. Work in yarn end.


Fist Row: In any corner slip stitch onto the cloth, then two single crochet in the cloth corner. Single crochet in each stitch across (on top and bottom). On the sides you will not have defined stitches to work through. On a 27 row cloth putting 20-22 stitches on the sides works well. Just space evenly as you go. If you find the cloth ruffling, you've added too many stitches. In corners, crochet 2 sc then chain 2, then add two more sc. On last corner, crochet 2sc, chain two, then slip stitch to join first two sc from start of row. Weave in yarn end.

Second Row: [If you haven't tried this you must. This looks so simple and pretty!] In any corner, slip stitch onto the cloth, the two single crochet. [Corners are 2 sc + ch 2 + 2 sc] In BACK LOOP ONLY, sincle crochet in each stitch across. Slip stitch at end. Cut and weave in yarn end.
Edging--pic doesn't do it justice.
My pics look wonky because of the curve of the chair the dishcloth is laying on. =-)

P.S. I splurge for cotton yarn when it comes to kitchen clothes. I use size G hook, but whatever size you'd like will work. My finished cloth is roughly 10X10 inches.


Amy 8:42 AM  

Anita, can you come and teach me how to do it, pretty please!? Come on, just pop on over for a visit. We could catch up, have some nutella, you could see the kids and tech me how to crochet. These look awesome and I think I would like it once I learned!


whenpigsfly 4:42 PM  

What a great pattern! I found one for a hat that immediately made me think of Kendi. I may or may not have time to make it but I can send you a copy. ITS REALLY CUTE!!!
Looks easy too.

A. Gillispie 12:54 AM  

Oh Miss Fabu, yes, let's! ;-) Mmm...I think Nutella on bread with a cup of hot cocoa sounds divine right now. Miss you...

Linda, thanks! Definitely forward the pattern to me. Would love to see it. Always looking for a way to spice up Kendi's look!