Wednesday, November 21, 2007

I am Thankful

(reposted from one year ago today, November 21, 2006)

I am thankful for a big pile of empty Wal-Mart bags on the kitchen floor and the budget that allows them to appear there as needed.

So many around the world go to markets and have to search endlessly in hopes that they will find the items they need.

I am thankful for a counter full of groceries that will take 1/2 hour to put away. Our family has good food to eat.

How many people have to eat weevil-infested grain, or half-rotten produce because it's the best they can get?

I am thankful for a home that is safe, and water-proof.

After seeing the metal, cardboard, and fabric roofs in other parts of the world, I will never again take our shingled roof for granted.

I am thankful that my children enjoy proper education--and that I can choose whether that education comes from the government or from me.

What a luxury this is, when most of the world is expected to pay a large percentage of their income to send their child to a school where the education itself may be very poor.

I am thankful for a husband who is a fabulous "daddy" to our kids. I'm thankful that he puts them first.

This is in stark contrast to many places in the world, where dads (if they are present) work constantly and sometimes at a far distance from their family.

I'm thankful for the privilege to openly practice and share my beliefs in God. I'm thankful that my neighbor has this privilege as well.

How blessed we are to live in a land of tolerance--where people of all faiths can live with and learn from one another.

I'm thankful for the luxury of walking to the sink, turning on the faucet, and receiving clean, safe water to drink.

Travel to any developing country in the world and you will never again take clean water for granted. It is as valuable as gold!

I'm thankful for medical insurance. Without it our family would be impoverished, dead, or dieing.

I think of all of those who either die without treatment, or who have to sell everything they have in order to get it.

I'm thankful that my son gets to spend his day using his imagination, rather than acting as an indentured servant to pay off my debts .

So many 5 year olds in this world, working day and night to pay off their parent's debt.
I'm thankful my daughter gets to spend her day learning, rather than hauling water . In Haiti the average 6 year old girls carries water for 5-6 hours per day. And even this water is probably not clean .

I'm thankful that my children are growing up with two parents and a large family to support them through life.

How many orphans in the world will never have this chance because of political red tape, or corruption, or worse?

I'm thankful that I can walk down the street without worrying about myself or my children being maimed or killed by a bomb.

People in the Middle East, Cambodia, and many other places in our world do not have this peace of mind.

I'm thankful that Ghana puts the needs of her children first, and allows international adoption.

So many countries don't allow international adoption for religious or political reasons and it is the children who pay the price.

I'm thankful that my life is so easy, that I have time to sit at the computer and focus on what I'm thankful for.

If I weren't born in a western society I would likely spend my days in hard labor to provide for my family .

It would be so easy to go on...and on...and on about all that I have to be thankful for. This is just the tip of the iceberg. I truly believe that we Americans, with all of our faults and troubles, have more to be thankful for than any other people on the face of this earth.

Happy Thanksgiving to All!



Bingaling 4:03 PM  

You, my dear friend Anita, are one of the many things that I am very thankful for this year.

Have a wonderful (and hopefully relaxing) Thanksgiving!