Monday, November 26, 2007

Thanksgiving I NaBlo-poo-pooed! I didn't have it in me to take time away from my fam over the holiday to blog about nothing that important anyway. Maybe next year. So of course now my blog will be drawn for a prize (they don't draw for prizes till the end of the month) and I'll be disqualified. Blah.

Thanksgiving was really good. It was fun to have a true first with Bright as they don't celebrate Thanksgiving in Ghana! Of course he was all about the starches served--so Ghanaian of us to have so much starch and carb! Sweet potatoes....mashed potatoes...cheesy broccoli and boy was in HEAVEN! He's a good eater, but it's still very obvious what comfort food is to him.
Getting ready to chow down.

"This is GOOOOOOOOD Mama!!"

"Did I really eat all of that food?"

"All that food is going to go right to my waist line!"

Gobble Gobble. Bright did. =-)


Jen 9:24 AM  

Oh my! Love the waistline! I just wanna give him a big hug and gobble him up! What a cutie. I have a lot in common with Bright- I love carbs too and have a similar waistline- although it isn't seen as cute and gobbleworthy!!:-)


Sue 8:15 PM  

Oh, look at that tummy! He is too cute! How come it does not look "cute" on adults? LOL!