Friday, March 03, 2006

Eric's Big Decision--Part Two!

Folks, our God is truly an awesome God. I am in amazement of His love and faithfulness tonight. In awe of His love for me, Eric, our kids, and the children getting ready to join our family. Did you read that right? CHILDREN--no parentheses on the (REN)!!!
Eric shared with me tonight that he wants us to adopt two children. The funny thing is that I was FINALLY okay with it if he decided that we should only adopt one. The Lord had given me complete peace that whatever decision Eric made would be the right one. And look what happened! He chose TWO!!! ;0)
In looking at the financial aspect of this, we realized tonight that it is going to be MUCH more of a leap of faith (financially) than we had originally thought. And yet, there is peace because we know that Eric's decision was led by the Lord. The Lord will make a way for this to work.
Eric had one request in all of this. He really wants the older child to be a boy. All along he thought it would be neat to adopt a toddler boy and I thought it would be great to have a baby girl. So we are going to request an infant girl and a 2-4 year old boy! Yee-haw!!!
We believe our baby girl will be named Kendi Grace (Liberian Name) Gillispie and our new son will be named Canan Tate (Liberian Name) Gillispie.
Thank you to the person who posted a word of encouragement to Eric about his "big decision." I know it blessed his heart!