Friday, August 18, 2006

32 hours and counting...

Well friends, I leave for Ghana in 32 hours. Boy the last 15 days (since I found out I was going) have just FLOWN by!

As usual I am a huge ball of emotions. Right now I am in that mode where the thought of leaving my almost blind, diabetic husband with the children for more than a week feels absolutely rediculous! At the same time, if all of them were to stay at my in-laws I know that my children's world would be that much more chaotic while I'm going (out of their routine and all). So I've had the not-so-fun job of trying to quiz my kids on what it looks like when daddy's blood sugar gets low so that they can hopefully help him if he gets in that position. Of course, he said he WILL NOT go low and will try to "ride high" a bit, but sometimes things happen and there are no guarentees. I've armed Taevy (our almost 6 year old) with phone numbers to grandparents, neighbors, and good friends, along with 911 if daddy gets low. Please pray with me that Eric is protected against low blood sugar while I'm gone!

I feel pretty numb about the whole trip at this point. That's weird to say and even more weird to feel! I feel like I should be jumping up and down and excited beyond belief but I'm not. I just feel even-keeled about the whole thing. I suppose this could have a lot to do with the fact that I leave tomorrow and still have no idea where we are staying or what our itenerary is. Yes, I'll be calling Lois today hoping for some more information. =-) Without any details I don't have anything to obsess over, which is I suppose why I feel so numb--like "okay, what should I be thinking about?!"

I do NOT feel numb about meeting Kendi Juliet and Caynan Emmanuel though! I am more excited about that than ever (although strangly, not nervous). Since I'm the one taking their little care packages now I went ahead and bought Kendi two little black dolls with accessories that fit into a little backpack. I hope she'll like them and that we can play with them together to "break the ice." Caynan has 6 little cars coming his way and I feel confident that he and I will zoom our way to friendship. =-)

I hope that the kids know each other well, but I kind of also hope that I'm given time with each of them seperately. It feels a lot more overwhelming to think of having them both there together, rather than getting one on one time. Of course, I want my cake and to eat it too so I hope that I also get time with both of them together. My concern is that if all of our time is all three of us together that K and C will play and I won't get to interact. At the same time (can you tell I'm mixed up about this?) there is definitely a benefit to being able to observe them playing and having fun together...seeing their true personalities rather than what they may show me if it's just me and one child alone in a room. I suppose there is no reason for me to even give thought to all of this, because I know the Lord has every little detail in control to work best for His glory!

Okay, off to start cleaning the house since my mother-in-law will be inside everyday while I'm gone! =-)