Tuesday, August 01, 2006

How cool is this?!

A friend of mine asked how we came to choose Kendi and Caynan's names. As I was writing back to her I had to go to the baby name site where we found Caynon's name and meaning (then spelled Canon) to double check the meaning. The meaning WAS "beloved" and the origin WAS Scandinavian (according to the website).
But guess what?! There is NO name on that site that is "Canon, Scandinavian, Beloved." NOW the same name--Canon--is said to have an English origan with the meaning of "Power of God."

You guys, I got chills! It is ONLY because of the "power of God" that our little boy is our little boy! If it weren't for His power to be patient with me, to lead me ever so gently to our son even when he was right in front of our faces, we wouldn't have Caynan! I just love that his name means "power of God." =-) Anita