Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Packing List

I don't know *WHY* I am posting this, but maybe it will be helpful to someone who is going to Ghana down the road. It will be interesting to see how the adoption trip packing list differs!

CARRY-ON (why is it that your carry-on always has more items than your checked luggage?!)

  • Kendi and Caynan's Adoption Journal (letters I write to them)
  • Notebook (for journaling about my trip--to be transferred to computer later)
  • Mini-notebook (for notes on travel, kids, etc.)
  • Extra shirt (in case other luggage is lost)
  • Extra pair of underwear (same reason)
  • Facial Cleansing Clothes
  • Wet wash cloth in a baggy (mom taught me to do this--nice to wash your face on the plane!)
  • tiny travel purse (to hold cash, credit card, passport, etc.)
  • all non-liquid makeup (powder, blush, blush brush, eye liner, eye shadow)
  • 3 barrettes (you know...in case I lose 2 of them)
  • 10 hair elastics ( you know, in case I lose 9 of them)
  • hair brush
  • tweezers (why does my brain think I need these?)
  • nail clippers (again, why?! but my brain tells me to take them "in case")
  • writing pens (will be doing a LOT of journaling!)
  • passport
  • yellow fever certificate (don't forget that!)
  • itenerary and e-ticket info
  • granola bars (never know when you're going to be stuck without food, or so my brain tells me)
  • meds (personal meds, motion sickness med (Bonine--the best), immodium (in case), pepto (to take everyday to stave off the bugs), and motrin (for everything else!)
  • measuring tape (to measure kids)
  • travel alarm
  • digital camera
  • digital camcorder
  • batteries, batteries, batteries!
  • pictures of Kendi and Caynan (for daydreaming, but not taking pics of Taevy and Samren because that would make me miss them much more!)
  • tooth brush
  • travel toilet paper (don't leave the country without it!)
  • tissues
  • tiny travel box of detergent (for handwashing clothes)
  • inflatable neck pillow (definitely take one of these!)
  • cell phone
  • credit card (only take MasterCard to Ghana)
  • Twi-Engish Dictionary
  • New book---"Left to Tell" by Immaculee Ilibagiza
  • $400 cash (probably only need $300)--$30/day for 1/2 hotel room + $15/day for food

Checked Luggage:

  • extra bra (yes, one has broken when I put it on before and I do NOT want to be in Ghana with my DDs and no bra!!!)
  • cotton shirts (2, plus the extra in my carryon and the one I'm wearing on the plane)
  • lightweight pants (2)
  • long cotton skirts (2) (to be worn when we're in Koforidua without a proper bathroom, in case a trip to the bush bathroom is in order!)
  • brown crocs (if you haven't tried these shoes, do! But only get the real deal if you want them to be comfortable--www.crocs.com)
  • sleep shirt
  • 2 pr ankle socks (brain says I need these although they will probably never be worn)
  • shampoo/conditioner
  • soap
  • razor
  • lipstick/chapstick
  • mascara
  • plug adapters
  • curling iron
  • fragrant body spray
  • deoderant
  • granola bars (yes more of them--I'm not an adventureous eater!)
  • Kendi Juliet's care package (dress, shoes, album, cuddly)
  • Caynan Emmanuel's care package (shorts/shirt, shoes, cars, album)
  • combination mosquito repellant and sunscreen (Off Active)
  • Waste Belt (doubt I use this but my mother insists I take it "in case")
  • toothe paste
  • germ-X
  • liquid detergent (because I'd rather use this than the powder but can't take the liquid in my carryon anymore!)
  • hairspray

That's my list so far! I'm sure that it may grow some more in the coming days (I will edit as needed) but I can't think of anything at the moment that I've forgotten. If you read my list and know of something I've forgotten please let me know! More than likely though, I've planned to take way more than I will actually use. =-)



Brittany S. 7:02 PM  

Very helpful! :)