Saturday, September 09, 2006


I just wanted to post and share my joy with all of you that Emmanuel is going to be adopted! The family that was waiting for a referral behind us felt a strong connection with him even when he was (we thought) going to be our son. As soon as they learned that we could not proceed with his adoption they began to pray about adopting him. He is a bit older than they had thought they wanted, this being their first child.

But praise God! Emmanuel has cleared his social welfare investigation and is legally available for adoption now, and will be the son of Scot and Julz Grosso! The Grosso home will be perfect for Emmanuel because he will be the first child in the home. I have no doubt that he will be given all of the love and attention he deserves.

Please pray with me that Emmanuel's adoption goes more quickly than anticipated. His name is to be Brody Emmanuel!