Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Tiny (but Bright) Update

I don't have much to report, but I do have a few tiny tidbits. =-)  First, on the 13th of September Ernest did put a one-liner in an email to Lois saying that Bright was still doing very well.  Praise God for that!  Also, she got an email from Ernest earlier this week (or late last week?) mentioning that he had gone to Ho Hoe in hopes of meeting with Bright's family to get the relinquishment papers signed.  He said that he "met with the absence" of his family and was unable to get things signed, but left the paperwork with Mama Eugenia in hopes that the relinquishment will be formal soon.
One thing that many people don't really "get" is that in Ghana a child is considered a family's child--not a mom and dad's child.  So for his relinquishment it's not a matter of his dad choosing adoption for his son.  Every living member of his family that can be located must meet together with his dad and be counseled about what adoption is and what it would mean for Bright.  Then every family member must agree to adoption.  If one family member doesn't agree, the adoption cannot take place--even if that means that Bright grows up in an orphanage.  Please pray for Bright's family during this time--especially his dad.  This must be such a difficult time for him, first losing his wife during Bright's birth, and now having to make the difficult decision to choose adoption for his son.
P.S.  It's been 3 business days since the Director of Social Welfare should have received our "letter of interest" for the adoption of Bright.  I'm going crazy!  I can't wait to get the formal application for adoption into my hands!!!  Praying that the Director has nothing going on tomorrow so that he won't have any reason NOT to act on our case! =-)