Thursday, September 07, 2006

Traveling to Ghana--Tulsa to Memphis

August 19th, 2006

2:05pm: Enter Tulsa International Airport

2:15pm: First blessing of the trip! The lady at the ticket counter didn't charge an over-weight fee for my overweight luggage. Go God!

2:40pm: Security was a breeze. So glad that I got hear 2.5 hours early (not!). Sudden urge for chocolate and books (Why do I think that there will be no food or reading material once I leave Tulsa???). Thirty-three dollars later I walk out of the bookstore with bite-size snickers, Famous Amos Chocolate Chip Cookies, and two new books.

4:15pm: Second blessing! Row all to myself on the tiny plane to Memphis--given to me because the person next to me had a large box that needed to be put in my seat! I think I would have enjoyed my row to myself more if I hadn't been ready to puke the entire flight. I hate those small planes. Took my Bonine (motion sickness med) a little too late, but made it on the ground praying, "Help me Jesus! Help me Jesus!"

5:50pm: Checked in for Amsterdam flight. Didn't have bouarding pass for flight from Amsterdam to Accra and was worried about that, so I asked if they could print it out (they couldn't in Tulsa). Sure enough, they were able to. Breathing easy now.

Off to Amsterdam I go....