Thursday, November 02, 2006

Friday Update on Thursday!

Woo hoo!  I just heard from Lois via email.  Yes folks--that's AFTER business hours for those keeping track. =-)  She said she knew we were waiting anxiously for her response, and she was right.  Lois said "of course" she will work with Eric and I for our second referral.  YIPPEE!!!!  Gosh.  I guess we're officially waiting for a referral again.  I would not have thought a week ago that I would be typing that today. =-)
Also, there is all sorts of confusion with the stupid Application for Adoption.  One person tells Lois one thing, and another person tells her another thing.  It's obvious that she's trying to get to the bottom of it but nobody is following through with what they say they will do.  One of these days (hopefully sooner rather than later) someone in Ghana is actually going to DO something that causes these flipping applications to show up on Lois' doorstep in Washington.  URGH!!!!