Thursday, December 28, 2006


Do you ever have days where all of the problems in the world seem like a heavy burden on your shoulders? Today has been that kind of day for me, and I'm kind of thankful for it. I travel to developing countries and see and FEEL all of the problems so deeply when I'm there. Even though the problems never leave my heart and mind the do get a bit numbed over when I'm back here in my cushy life in America with a family to raise. Today, thanks to a few videos and an article brought to my attention, I FEEL those problems as if I were in Africa again.
It seems like lots of people in America try very hard NOT to think about all of the hardship and poverty surrounding our tiny rich oasis in the world. They feel like they can't make a difference, so they turn the channel, or the page, or don't click on a link with a telling article attached. They might write a check to a "good cause" a few times a year without thinking about it much, but little of their heart is invested. If you're reading this blog, you're probably not one of those people (!) but if you are I want to challenge you to stop turning away from the horrors that people face in other parts of the world. LOOK at it. FEEL it. Do something to CHANGE it. Changing the circumstances of ONE person changes the world. Don't let your mind tell you otherwise.
I'll make it really easy for you to start investing your heart today, rather than putting it off as a New Year's Resolution. =-)
First, check out these two short videos that give a very basic rundown of the "normal" life of two Ethiopian children:

Now, even though it takes a few minutes of your time, I encourage you to click HERE to read about how malnutrition in Africa not only kills, but also "injures" entire societies for generations because of it's long-lasting effects (note--the article is 3 pages). What strikes me is how simple the problem is...they just need vitamin enriched foods, and more of it! Things we take for granted, like iodized salt, and enriched flour, and protein rich foods like peanut butter, milk, and eggs are missing in the diets of millions of people.

I pray that this year you and I and millions of others will do what we can to stop malnutrition.

Love, Anita