Thursday, December 07, 2006

Looking Up

Right after Eric and I got home tonight...right after we talked about all of the adoption woes and our search for our fourth child...I checked my email to read this message. Boy, did it hit home. Sometimes it feels like I get a direct "wake up!" whack from God! LOL!

Psalm 69:3, "I am weary of my crying: my throat is dried: mine eyes fail while I wait for my God."

Are you waiting for God to answer your prayers? Are you crying out for a loved one who is not yet saved? Are you in despair about one of your children? Are you going through deep waters and wonder how you will get out? Never give up. Even though God seems far away, He is still there. He is hearing your cry. He will bring deliverance in due time.

I think of David the Psalmist who waited and waited. I love the Knox translation of our Scripture in Psalm 69:3, "Hoarse my throat with crying wearily for help; my eyes ache with looking up for mercy to my God."

The most important thing we can do, in the daily problems of life, and when going through distress and trauma, is to LOOK UP! How many times do you hear me saying this? But I must remind you again. Look to the Lord. Don't look at your problem. When you look at your problems you will sink. When you look up to the Lord, you will never be ashamed.

Be encouraged by these Scriptures:

Psalm 59:9-10, "To Thee I look, the God who strengthens me, the God who watches over me; my God, and all my hope of mercy."

Psalm 62:1, "To God I look for deliverance."

Psalm 71:1-3, "To Thee, O God, I turn for succor.I have no other stronghold, no other refuge, but Thee!"

Psalm 77:2, "To the Lord I look when distress comes upon me."

"Well, that's great," you say, "but I've been looking and looking to the Lord and still I'm no better off. God does not seem to be hearing me. " Can I gently remind you again? Don't give up!

David experienced the same thing. He was in deep trouble. The waters were closing in on him, shoulders high! Even though he was nearly drowning, He kept his eyes upon the Lord. He looked so long his eyes ached with looking up! Are you at that stage yet? But even though his throat was hoarse with crying for help and his eyes ached with looking up, he didn't give up. And because he kept looking up, by the end of the Psalm He was praising the Lord. In v. 30 he says, "I will praise the name of God with a song, and will magnify him with thanksgiving."

In Psalm 71:14, while enemies are conspiring against him, David confesses, "Still will I hope on."

Keep hoping on, dear one.

"Lord, sometimes I get tired of looking up. Please help me when I get weary for I know that I have nowhere else to turn but You. You are my only help and strength. Amen."