Saturday, December 30, 2006

Yellow Shag Carpet and All!

I decided to post pics of what we affectionately call "the kid cabin" simply because it's such an unusual thing to have in a house and we really appreciate the extra space it gives our kids to play! This is the extra space I mentioned in my previous post that is just off the boy's room and measures 8X19. It is certainly an ugly peice of real estate, but who cares. That just means that we don't have to freak out if marker gets on the (yellow shag) carpet! LOL!

Without further ado....
Looking into the kid cabin from the boy's room.

One end...

The other all it's glory! LOL!


7,812 Miles 1:24 PM  

I love little (or not so little) spaces in houses like this! And, the fact that you can just close the door when it gets messy is icing on the cake! When we were looking at houses a few months ago we noticed that there were a lot of houses that had these kinds of spaces. I hope that our future house has one, too!