Wednesday, January 17, 2007

We're In!!!

Today was a good mail day! Of course there was no mail on Monday and I'm pretty positive that our postal worker didn't attempt our street to deliver mail yesterday (so much for delivering in all kinds of weather!). Today marked the 10th business day since we sent in our application to AAI and today our acceptance package came in the mail! So prompt they are, those AAI folks! LOL!

The package was mailed on 1-12-07 so I'll use that are our estimated "log in" date. It will be 3-4 months wait before we are sent the contract. They go in the order that applications were received. So between mid-March and mid-April we might be able to get this show on the road and start paperchasing!

Including in the package was our educational materials. I knew that our application fee paid for educational materials (and a 1 year subscription to Adoptive Families Magazine) but I guess I didn't know we would be tested on the materials. Eric is going to LOVE that--not! LOL! There are 4 DVDs and 4 tests to take, the results of which will be sent to AAI. I don't think it's a pass/fail thing. They just want to know that we've used the materials. Even though I'm pretty sure I won't learn much from the materials (having been in the adoption world for 6 years with a kid who deals with attachment issues) I'm really glad that they require families to do this. There are so many families who are so naive when they begin the process--I know we were when we first started Taevy's adoption 6.5 years ago. Good on AAI. =-)