Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Homecoming Preparations

Okay, so now that I got the not-so-fun stuff out of the way (#4) let's move on to REALLY fun stuff!

First, someone donated $1000 to our adoption fund!!!!! This means that, with February's savings we have what we will need to travel for Bright!! It feels so good not to have to worry about the finances anymore! This family just blessed our socks off! Yea God!!!!

I had a great time with my mom, sister, and aunt this weekend shopping for Bright! Since this is our 3rd child we've gotten past the need/want for ALL of the greatest/latest stuff out there for baby. In fact, since Bright is already a toddler we aren't even messing with putting the crib up (and buying all of the expensive bedding that would go with that). He already has a twin bed set up in "the boys'" room and he'll be cosleeping with us as much as possible for at least the first 6 months home.

In comes super-grandma to the rescue! My mom loaned us her port-a-crib (previously used for grandkids) and gave us a walker she had. I don't use strollers (I'm a baby-wearer) so no need for that expense. We thought about a play yard but I think we'll buy one second-hand if we decide we really need it. I'm just kind of over all of the "stuff" that people think babies need! LOL!

We've set up the port-a-crib in our bedroom and made it look as cute as one of those things can look! LOL! We bought Amy Coe "Peanut" stuff to put on it and I love it. It feels great...has got that African flair (with the elephants) and is one of my favorite color combos (green and brown).

We also bought Bright most of the clothes he will wear when we got to pick him up (summer stuff) and some toys I will take with us when we travel. So fun! I didn't buy spring stuff for here in OK just in case he is delayed in coming home longer than I think he will be.

This sounds boring, but just my mom and I went to Wal-Mart to do a thorough walk-through of everything we might need for Bright when we travel. You know...sippy cups and bottles and little bowls and spoons...checking out diaper size...oh! And we bought his car seat! My mom is as much of a planner as I am so it's really fun to talk about the trip. =-)

Hmmm....what else? Oh! I finally found the red, yellow and green yarn I need to make Bright's Ghana hat. Will be interesting to see how that turns out! And yesterday when I went to go get the yarn I stumbled on these too cute letters that I decorated with stars (you know..since he's Bright!). I will hang them over the headboard of his twin bed. Samren got some letters too (with frogs since that's his thing).

Thanks for all of the continued congrats for Bright, and for the supportive comments on our decision to stop focusing on kiddo #4 for now. It really touches my heart. =-)



Chanda 11:58 AM  

It looks like the shopping trip over the weekend was successful! I LOVE the bedding you chose!

Since you brought up "baby-wearing" I thought I'd ask this question...A long time ago I decided I REALLY don't like strollers and decided that when I have kids I am definitely going to be a baby-wearer! Do you have a favorite sling/baby carrier that you like to use? Since my kids will be toddler-aged when I get them, it would have to be able to accomodate toddlers, too....I'd appreciate any suggestions you have!

Jennifer 9:33 PM  

Anita, That bed is so adorable! I love it! You must be so very happy about Bright finally coming home! What an unmeasurable blessing! I hope to have a referral soon!
Jen in Michigan

Jen and Lionel 3:05 PM  

Anita, I love your blog and enjoyed this post. Our daughter will be our first so I'm overwhelmed by all the stuff people say you "need." I'll take lessons from you and remember to keep it simple. I'm slinging her as much as possible I've already decided...on me like you said. I love the bedding!

Anonymous 8:32 PM  

Too cute! I love the little green elephants and the baby doll.

Let the nesting begin...