Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Hands of Mercy

Hands of Mercy Outreach International has graciously offered to allow me (and Bright) to stay in their orphanage home in Accra for the entire time I am in Ghana. Can you believe that? Room and board. God is so good, all the time, even during trials. They are even going to pick me up at the airport! If anybody feels led to donate to this ministry, please do. This is the same org that I spoke of yesterday that is having a hard time paying the school tuition for the children in their care--but they still offered to care for Bright and I when we are in Ghana.

More good....LVI has been so great today. Big thanks to Maria and Tana for doing everything you could to get ahold of Lois (who is traveling back from Haiti right now). Both women were so sweet and comforting. I'm so glad that Lois has them on her team.

A prayer request: Please pray that we can get the logistics worked out for me to get to Bright on Monday. Edward (LVI employee) is actually AT Bright's orphanage from now until Sunday and will be returning home that day with Darren (who is visiting his soon-to-be son). It may be difficult to reach Edward and/or the orphanage to make them aware of what's going on. Also, the thought occurred to me that it might be good if we can get ahold of Edward and ask him to please just bring Bright back to Accra with him when he comes home from the orphanage on Sunday.

Finally, so many people have written to me privately with support and encouragement. Thank you. It is all going to be fine--I just have to believe that. Maybe things will settle down before I leave enough for me to respond, but if I don't respond just know it's because I'm running around like a mad woman trying to get packed! AHHHHH!!!!!!



Anonymous 7:40 PM  

OMG! This is amazing/crazy news. I'm sorry I won't get a chance to meet your son on my trip to Ghana this May, but I'm glad he'll be taken good care of in his mother's arms!
~ Jen

ManyBlessings 10:14 PM  

Hang in there and know that you are surrounded even now by prayer.
PS~Sorry my dd was signed in earlier and I didn't catch it when I left a comment.

GrandmaB 2:38 AM  

I once read, "Peace comes not because your prayers are answered exactly as you prayed it, but because you shifted your focus and the burden of responsibility on to Him." Isn't that wonderful? God has your family wrapped tight in his arms.