Tuesday, April 10, 2007

I haven't forgotten about my blog! =-)

Sorry for not posting the last several days everybody. Goodness. 3 days with no posts must be some kind of record for me! LOL! Actually, the hubby was put into the hospital due to complications of his kidney failure (dialysis here we come) so there has been no time at home to post. Also, we're in the midst of figuring out when and how to file Bright's I-600 here in Oklahoma. A few other things going on as well.

At any rate, hubby is home from the hospital, I'm slowing catching up on the I600 stuff, and the other stuff can wait for another week at this point! Should be back to my long boring travel journal entries by tomorrow.



The Eisele Family 2:36 PM  

Praying for Erik & all of you!