Friday, May 04, 2007

8 months; 19 months

Today Bright turned 19 months old. Today marks 8 months since we began pursuing his adoption. I really did NOT want to write anymore "X months; X months" posts. =-(

As much as I hate that we are still waiting for Bright to be released from Ghana, I have much to be thankful for this month.

1. We received 9 photos of Bright throughout the month. What a blessing this is!

2. Someone I know through the internet was able to visit Bright and I'm told he took pictures, so more photos may be coming soon.

3. We received our I-600 approval in the fastest possible time (one day processing)!

4. Bright's labs, although not better, are not worse than they were last month. The medication he's on at least seems to be keeping his anemia from getting worse.

5. We are a month closer to bringing our boy home.

In the coming month we really just have four things to pray for with regard to Bright:

1. That his health would remain in tact and his anemia will not get worse.

2. That Bright's passport will be RELEASED!!!

3. That the US embassy would approve him as an orphan and invite us to apply for his visa!!!

4. That God would provide the financial means necessary to bring Bright home.

Please pray for a BREAKTHROUGH this month.



Heather 9:16 PM  

I am praying with you for your baby boy to come home soon...few things are as agonizing as a mother being separated from her baby by an ocean...especially on Mother's Day. I remember all too well how broken my heart was last year at this time. Soon...