Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Drum roll please....

Yes folks. That's right. I finally got a response from the consulate in Accra this morning! Was it what I wanted to hear? Nope. But it was good to hear something.

"Thank you for your recent inquiry into the cases of Bright Anagbo. We do
not currently have Bright’s case. When we receive your I-600 you will
receive written notification from our offices. The notification will state
when Bright will have his interview and what items he will need (for example, a
medical exam). We understand your frustration and regret the time delay."

So, we've lost a month by assuming our case made it to Accra when in fact it got lost somewhere along the way. =-( But you know what? At least now I know what the problem is! So I've written our local CIS office (which is very responsive) and I'm sure the case will get over there ASAP.

I'm also quite happy to know that when they are ready for me to come for the interview they will send notification. I was worrying that we wouldn't know when to go.

And I'm glad that, at least at this point, there's still a chance they will approve Bright's I-604 without feild investigation and I can get over there sooner rather than later.

So...all in all a good start to the day.