Thursday, May 03, 2007

Travel Journal: 3/26-27/07, Monday night and Tuesday

Monday night:

Tonight I brought out a bag of infant/toddler toys I brought for Bright. They are being left at Hands of Mercy. I thought the little ones might get a kick out of them but I was wrong. Every single child gathered around like it was Christmas morning to examine the new treasures. Nesting/stacking cups, a few puzzles, board books, plastic links, a pacifier, a stuffed animal w/ bell inside, and two electronic toys (a phone that shows digital letters/numbers and a toy that plays children's songs when you press a button). ALL of the children delighted in these things! They didn't think twice about the age the toys were made for. They took turns jamming to the musical toy and sucking on the pacifier. The links became bracelets in no time, and several boys took pleasure in the toddler care I brought. I am glad that the toys were such a big hit, but it's sad that they were such a big hit. I wish I could give these kids the world, but they are happy with 3 meals a day, a safe place to sleep, and a toddler toy.

Tuesday, March 27--

I love generators! The electricity just went off but within a few seconds everything was back on with the hotel generator. It's 9:25am. I slept until 8:20 but had to force myself after around 7am (used to getting u earlier here). I've showered and eaten breakfast so now have nothing to do until Paul calls and says we have somewhere to go. So I write. =-)

It was very nice to sleep under blankets last night. I've missed that weight on my body. And my first hot water shower in over 3 weeks felt VERY good this morning (even though the pressure is still little more than a trickle). I think best yet was being able to stand up and blow dry/do my hair while looking in the mirror! My little hand mirror propped on my leg is all I've had until now. Never thought I would miss a mirror! To celebrate the occasion I put on a bit of makeup (that will melt off within 5 minutes after I leave this air conditioned haven.

I feel more like my normal self again, but I kind of miss my Ghanaian-self...feel her fading away until the next trip.
I was delighted to find this morning that I have a small balcony outside my room, which overlooks the ocean! I would say that the ocean and I are about a football field away from each other. It's nice.

Agency friend flies into Accra this evening. I have been trying to delay my flight for over a week but so far there are no seats. I really need to stay until Friday or Saturday and worry about disappointing Agency Friend if I can't (although I myself am ready to go home and be with the rest of my family again). I'm sure it will work out as it should.
No chance for passports--at least until Wednesday, as Lois has taken Edward to Tamale (how inconvenient for those of us who could have completed passports right now). Trying not to think about this and accept the Lord's plan in it all.


At about 2pm I finally reached Paul thinking I might be stranded the whole day at the hotel! Turns out I was waiting for him to come and get me while he was waiting for me to arrive at Hands of Mercy! So I got brave. I walked out of the hotel and hailed a taxi. Then I negotiated the fare and told him where to go--Fair Junction (or is it Fare Junction?). We started driving and then he told me he didn't know Fair Junction. A moment of panic later I decided I could navigate us there. I did it! Fair Junction is the closest major intersection to Hands of Mercy (lots of places to show). I bought some pampers ($7), formula ($5), 2 handkerchiefs (.60) and some bread ($1). From there I caught a short distance shared taxi (.25) that drives the mile between Fair Junction and "Last Stop." Just as Paul always does, I motioned for him to stop when we got close to the "Police Post" and then I walked the short distance home--proud of my small accomplishment!

When I walked into the gate Bright was sitting on the porch and when he saw me he immediately raise his arms for me to pick him up, whining, calling "ma ma!" BE STILL MY HEART!!! The rest of the afternoon he was very leery of me sitting him down and wouldn't let anybody else hold him.

Before we knew it, we were late going to pick up Agency Friend, but Paul thought we would still be at the airport in plenty of time because of immigration and such. NOT! Agency Friend called before we were at the airport wondering where we were. I felt awful! Turns out she made record time getting out of the airport.

The journey back to the hotel was long--traffic was horrible. Agency Friend is wiped out from the long journey so we went our separate ways pretty immediately tonight.

I still resent having bought the bottle of water for $3 last night so I asked Paul to stop and get a "big bag" (which contains 35 small bags) of water for us to take to the hotel. It cost .85. Paul apologized that it wasn't the less expensive brand they normally buy for .60--that's .60 for 35 16 ounce bags of water! So...800oz of pure clean water for less than a dollar! Or I can pay $3 for 1.5 liters in a bottle at the hotel.

Two more days in Ghana to go...