Friday, June 29, 2007

"Rumble Tumble"

Hi all,

Well, we had our first big scare with Bright. He fell down the stairs last night! Eric called me up to the office and told Taevy and Samren very clearly to keep Bright in the living room with them and to make sure he didn't get around the stairs. Unfortunately, our kiddos have become TOO drawn into screens lately (computer, TV) and completely tuned out the safety of their little brother.

I was up in the office with Eric and I heard a wimper from Bright that sounded WAY too close. I walked out of the room to see him on the stair that was second to the top, but before I could grab him he started falling. What an absolutely helpless feeling--I couldn't get to him. He was falling away from me. At first he was rolling like you would roll down a hill (thank you Lord) but the last 5 steps our so he began to go head over heels and landed squarely on his head on the tile at the bottom.

I'm so thankful that God makes babies more limber than the rest of us. Bright has a bump on his head but everything else seems okay. Of course he cried like crazy and didn't want to let go of me for quite some time after the fall. The older kids were so tuned into their TV show (I'm really beginning to hate Disney channel) that they didn't even come to see what was wrong when they heard me screaming "Bright! Bright!!!!"

Needless to say, we had a big family talk after we made sure Bright was okay. And the kids have no "screen" priviledges until further notice. Taevy seemed genuinely repentant for what happened, but Samren was just mad he was in trouble. He said it was Bright's fault because he knew he shouldn't be on the stairs. He just doesn't get that baby brains don't function like his does. I'm happy to say that today both older kids have been great with Bright. It's amazing how much fun a baby brother can be when you don't have a screen to help you tune out real life!

Well...we're headed to Kansas this weekend to celebrate Father's Day with my stepdad (who was driving to and from Nashville to get Bright on real Father's Day weekend) and have a big family BBQ. It will be everybody's first chance to meet Bright. Should be a fun weekend, but I do wonder if we'll have any subtle racist comments. My stepdad's dad is planning to be there and always delights us (not) with nicknames like "little rice-eaters" for Taevy and Samren. He thinks it's cute. We do NOT.

Have a great weekend everybody!


Grosso Family 10:50 AM  

hang in there with the step father's father.....those comments are not cool! Someone should just put him in his place!