Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Settling In

Ahhhh...big sigh. It seems that we are settling in around here now. Our new normal is taking hold and everybody is starting to relax a bit.

Bright--I really don't think this kid is having a "honeymoon", but I could be wrong. He's a little toot sometimes, and he's well-behaved sometimes. He's pretty much the same here as he was during our entire time in Ghana. He is a stubborn kiddo and not afraid to show it off!

Sometimes I feel like we're making no progress with the sleeping thing, but we are. I used to need to hold his hand or foot for him to fall asleep. Now he's content for me to touch his back. We're working on him falling asleep on his own--not easy! But I am dedicated and this kiddo WILL eventually be able to self-sooth to sleep for a nap! LOL! Don't get me wrong--he gets TONS of cuddles. We're going faster with him on the sleep thing than we did with our other kids, but it's out of necessity. If I feel like it is holding up attachment in any way I will slow it way back down but so far we don't see any signs of that.

His eating has definitely changed. THAT may have been a honeymoon, as he was eating whatever we put in front of him when he got home. Now he's being incredibly picky (which is actually a good thing for a kid whose been malnourished--I guess he knows food will be there for him). He won't touch a veggie and is rejecting most fruits (sans banana)! He's choosy about what meat he will eat, but will eat ANY form of starchy carbohydrate you put in front of him! We're giving him formula to meet his nutritional goals, so I'm beginning to get tough on the food stuff. He's not going to go hungry (because of the formula, which he adores) so I've cut way back on the bread and porridge stuff he can eat. So far his stubborn self is winning the battle as he throws the veggies/fruit on the floor or smashes them into oblivion. This too shall pass...

He does so much cute stuff! Really. He's cute and all in pictures, but they don't do him justice. It's his personality that makes him so cute! It's all the typical toddler stuff that every kid does that seems so much MORE cute when it's your own kid! You know...doing whatever mommy does (sneezing, crossing legs, sticking out your tongue). And he copies the kids like a pro. Today we were all in the van and Taevy raised her hands and said, "Wee mom!" then Samren..."Wee mom!"...then we all turn around when Bright says "Wee ma!" with his hands raised in the air! LOL! He's adding words and signs all the time ("more" being the current favorite).

Unlike their little brother Taevy and Samren DID have a honeymoon and are now OVER it! Bright is just a bothersome baby brother now--just like he's been here from birth. Taevy is still a little caregiver to him, but she is definitely getting frustrated with his hitting (slow progress there). Samren, on the other hand, really doesn't like Bright so much right now at all! He was the same way with two babies I used to watch. They went through the hitting stage and he took it so personally. He just doesn't get that they aren't trying to be mean. So when Bright hits him his little heart gets hurt. He thinks Bright doesn't like him, so he doesn't want to like Bright! Eric and I both think that Samren is a bit disappointed that his brother that he's waited SO long for is a "baby" that he can't play with yet. In about a year I think Samren and Bright will be super friends.

The daily schedule seems to be evening out as well. I'm actually getting work done! Imagine that! And the kids are still getting plenty of mommy time. Yea me! LOL! I just looked on http://www.salary.com/ tonight and found that my "job" as a SAHM of 3 should make the equivilent of $166K per year for my area. THAT would be nice. But I "make" plenty just being with my kids. How lucky am I? How many moms don't have the chance to stay home even if they want to? I'm blessed.


Sonya 1:41 AM  

Oh the look in Itsy Bitsy Spider! How can anyone NOT sing that song (who's counting anyway?) to such a cute little man? Love, love, love his sad pleading face! Congratulations on your new son.