Tuesday, August 21, 2007

My "keep going" outfit...

Back on February 3, 2006 Eric told me that he was ready to start the adoption process again. I had been waiting for 2 years for him to catch up with me on that. =-) One of the first things I did was go baby shopping. I wanted something tangible to hold on to--to remind me that at the end of the paperchase there would be a beautiful African baby. I went to Babies R Us and bought this way-too-expensive sweater cover all--size 6/9 months. I just knew it would be huge on our soon to be identified Liberian infant. We expected him/her to be home by May 2006. Boy were we wrong! Our baby actually came home more than a year later, from Ghana. =-)

I held on to that outfit at night when I missed our future baby. I sniffed it when I was discouraged about the long wait. I cuddled it, waiting for the day that our baby would be inside of it.

After Bright got home I didn't think much about the outfit. It had served its purpose and 20 month old Bright was not wearing 6/9 month clothes anyway.

Tonight after bathtime I asked Taevy to get some PJ's for Bright. Out she came with THE outfit. For fun I thought we'd put it on Bright just to see how it fit. It's a bit too short and a lot too tight, but I have to admit that it brought me great joy to finally see my baby in that outfit!

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Photo Collage by Dundoo


Story of our Life 9:48 PM  

I wonder how it would have fit him last month or so when he first came home? Has his weight stayed about the same? Or has it shifted? Mr. Bright's lil belly doesn't seem to stick out as much does it? I've noticed in some of the pics that seems to be going down a bit. Regardless he is toooooo very dang cute!!!!

Anita and Family 6:03 AM  

I think it would have fit better length-wise when he came home, but would have been even more tight! You called it right Gala. He's thinning out a bit and has definitely grown taller since coming home.