Sunday, September 16, 2007

September Fun

Here in Oklahoma we don't generally get really nice (in the 70's and sunshine) weather in September. I remember one year that it was over 110 for 11 days in a row! But the past few days have been absolutely glorious. Autumn is my favorite time of year. The cool breeze making the drying leaves crackle...the sun seems brighter than any other time of and harvest and baking. I could go on and on. God must have been smiling down at us when he gave all three of our kids Autumn birthdays (September, October, November). This weekend we had Taevy's family b-day party. It was nothing fancy but it was all about what she wanted. So she asked for Grandma B.'s Chicken Alfredo and store bought cakes (red velvet and carrot). She also chose the activity, which was decorating pumpkins with brads, stickers, and glitter glue (not to self--glitter glue doesn't stick to pumpkins after it dries). She received wonderful gifts from those that love her and has been obessed with playing with each and every thing today.

The biggest hit gift-wise was our gift--we purchased two "Webkinz" for her. If you haven't heard of these yet and have a child over 5 years old--get ready--they're coming. Taevy has been asking for one for around 6 months. I fought it for all I could, assuming they would be stupid and expensive. I told her we couldn't afford them and that "maybe" for Christmas it could be a special gift. The first thing she said when she opened them was "Mom! They cost too much! How did you get the money!" Actually they are between $12 and $20 most of the time. The big deal is that there is a secret code that you use to get into Webkinz Land on the internet. From there you take care of your animal (feed, water, bath, put to bed, play, etc.), buy stuff for it's little room, chat with it, etc. Okay--so the kids are learning about caretaking--not so bad.

The other big aspect of the website is Webkinz money. You get like $4000 when you start, so that you can buy your pet things she needs like a bed and a bathtub and toys and food. But your money goes quick. This part is good because it teaches kids about budgeting and comparison shopping. Taevy didn't like the high price of tubs last night and she said, "Mom, we've gotta find the FREE ones! I'm not spending $500 on a tub!" LOL! In order to get more money you play games on the webkins site. There is an "arcade" for less educational (but actually quite fun even for adults!) games. There is also a quiz area where kids answer educational questions to earn webkinz cash. Taevy's reading level isn't quite where she can do this herself, so I have to help her for that. But the questions are really good, and available in several different learning areas. All in all I give the Webkinz experience so far an A- (only because she is now obsessed and worried that her puppies will be bored if she isn't on the internet all of the time).
I've finished painting the rich colors we chose in the house. They must "fit" us because even with such striking colors our family was here for a while before they looked at the kitchen/dining and asked, "Was that painted before?" LOL! We did get several nice comments on the entry way, which turned out just how I had imagined.
Guess that's it from our neck of the woods. We are just in a very normal place right now--no huge drama to report. Well...we did get a visit from 911 this week (low blood sugar)...and Eric's potassium was dangerously low...and he was vomiting from something else all last night...but that's part of our "normal" right now. =-)



Story of our Life 3:29 PM  

Love the webkinz!! LOVE LOVE LOVE Them. Abi spent her money rather fast I might say. However, she has learned the fun of taking care of things. She got a nintendo ds a week ago and so she has forgotten about her crazy in the "Webkinz world" for now. It will come back I'm sure. Have fun sweetheart playing your games. You can even find other "friends" and chat w/them and put them in your friends list. I just figured this out.


Sue 9:54 PM  

I have not hear of webkinz before. Sounds like something my girls would love! I'll have to check it out.