Thursday, November 01, 2007

Okay, why not?

I'm in an absolute blogging funk lately. So I'm reading on of my favorite blogs EVER over at Fully Operational Battle Station and she's going to do the NaBloPoMo. What is it? Just a silly challenge to post on your blog every day during the month of November.

Rediculous you say, and I agree. But there are prizes! And I like prizes! And it IS also National Adoption Awareness month, which will provide fodder for several posts. And I DO have cute kids stories to share. And every once in a while I get on an ethics kick for several days in a row!

So why not? I know someone else who is doing the REAL deal--NaNoWriMo! If you really want a challenge try writing a novel in one month! I think I'll stick to a wimply blog post a day. That's progress for me at this point. =-)

And yes, this counts as #1!



C & G 12:53 PM  

Welcome to NaBloPoMo :) I'm doing it too, I couldn't resist when I saw that there were prizes.
I've been Kind of a lurker on your blog - sorry . . .

You were the one who recruited me to write about Lesotho for IAA way back when -