Thursday, November 08, 2007

Praise Baby

I know...two posts on one day during NaBloPoMo! What am I thinking? I'm willing to risk it.

I have to put a bit of a plug out there for the Praise Baby videos and CDs. I don't know if you've heard of these but they are pretty cool for the 2 and under set (and their mommies). Bright got a few for his b-day.

They aren't so educational--well, are any of these videos, really? But the MUSIC on the DVDs and CDs is so awesome when compared to the alternatives (Brainy Baby, Baby Einstien, etc.). They are contemporary Christmas songs, re-sung in a gentle kind of lullabye-ish way. On the DVD's they put up things that might be interesting to baby (fish swimming in a fishing bowl, a dog running, etc.).

I admit that I like putting these DVDs on in the office while I'm working during the day and also trying to keep Bright busy. I just really love the music! And it's really non-invasive (meaning I can type and listen at the same time). Good background music for a party or something.

I recently got the Praise Baby Collection "Joy to the World" CD (Christmas). They have a DVD too, but I really just wanted the music. Just listened to it for the first time today and I've got to give it an "A." The songs are son soft--perfect to listen to while you're working, or baking, or wrapping gifts, or to have on in the background of a Christmas party. And it's a good mix of songs you know (Come all Ye Faithful, Joy to the World) with songs you might not (Welcome to our World, No Eye Had Seen).

There you have it. A bloggy commercial. =-)



Always Learning 7:41 AM  

What! Since you are a musical person ... you must like classical music too! My little Russian/American loved Baby Mozart and Baby Bach. I'm sure that Praise Baby is great.

In all honesty there are times when I feel 'praised' out a little too much and need music that is a little richer in lyrics than praise songs. Being a Lutheran for my whole life, I love the old hymns -- but they can be hard to sing especially when there is not a musical bone in my body except for music appreciation. But I love the praise music too.

My now 10 1/2 year old was banging out Ode to Joy on the piano when he was 3 years. He heard that on Baby Bach. He's been playing piano (mostly classical) for 6 years, violin for 2 years and started trumpet this year. And he can belt out the praise songs with the best of them as he does as a member of a worship team at our praise/worship style Lutheran church. He sang all the stanzas of a Mighty Fortress is Our God (Reformation hymns) to his friend while swinging in the backyard. If you are not familiar with this hymn, here's a link: