Saturday, November 10, 2007

Visitors from Afar

First: Happy Birthday Samren! Sammy turns 6 years old today. Here's to 66 more little man. =-)

Tomorrow we are expecting visitors. This is a big deal at the Gillispie house because we are utterly anti-social! I even have a tag name for my anti-socialness ("Social Anxiety Disorder"). Eric....well...he's just an introvert.

Nevertheless tomorrow we get to meet Chanda and Zack in person! I first "met" Chanda online when we had just started our Ghana adoption with LVI and she and Zack were leaning heavily towards applying with LVI for a Ghana adoption as well. As luck would have it (seriously) Chanda and Zack wisely chose to sign up with AAI to adopt a sibling set from Ethiopia. Shortly thereafter Eric and I decided to sign up for an infant boy from Ethiopia, with AAI. Chanda and I joked that we were following each other around in the adoption world (little did we know).

As time went on I ended up working with AAI to begin a Ghana program. Chanda and I kind of went full circle, as she and hubby Zack changed from AAI's Ethiopia program to AAI's Ghana program. Back together again--Chanda and I--in the world of Ghana adoption! LOL!

Chanda and Zack are adopting the two most precious boys. Can't wait for them to come home! But in the meantime I'm glad we'll get to spend some face-to-face time with these friends from afar (all the way from Iowa!) as they pass through T-town tomorrow evening!

You know when a friend is really a friend? When you've never met them face to face, have Social Anxiety Disorder, and STILL don't feel a ton of pressure to get your house looking "social worker perfect" for your first face to face visit!



Grosso Family 10:45 AM  

funny story Anita - that is such great news about Chanda coming to visit! I can't wait until she get's her boys home.