Sunday, January 13, 2008


It's been an interesting few days as I continue preparing for my upcoming trip to Ghana. When I wrote my schedule I was feeling very overhwelmed about all of the traveling in-country I am going to do.

Knowledge is power! I started doing more research on the Upper West Region of Ghana and now feel pretty lucky and excited for getting to visit this largely forgotten area of the country! [I also found out the drive is "only" around 16 hours, which helps.]

The Upper West is predominantly Muslim, and the architecture is very different from what we see in the southern part of the country. Beautiful mosques, and even a king's palace to see! It's much drier and much hotter than Accra. And I'll be there during the hottest part of the year, when temperatures regularly reach 110 degrees.

I spoke to the couple that will host us in Wa, and just wanted to cry at the kindness and generosity displayed. I will never get over the friendliness of Ghanaian people.

About an hour outside of Wa is a Hippopotamus Sactuary! I mean many times in your life do you get to travel to a place where it's even possible to have a Hippo Sanctuary?! I wish we were going to have time to partake in the touristy stuff in the area. Maybe another time.

The major tribal group in Wa is Wala. The Wala people have their own language, so I will try to memorize a few phrases before I arrive since Twi isn't spoken nearly as much up there!

As excited as I am getting about traveling to Wa, I am still glad I don't have to take the bus!



Michelle 8:29 PM  

Be carefull with the hippos! I read that hippos kill more tourists in africa than any other animal - go figure! I am so excited to read about your next adventure in Ghana!

A. Gillispie 8:42 PM  

I know! I almost wrote that I would like to SEE the Hippo Sanctuary but definitely would not be taking the canoe ride down the river to be in the same body of water as the hippos! I don't know what show I saw once that talked about Hippos being very deadly creatures when they are provoked, but it left an impression on me!

Jim & Laurel 1:58 PM  

We, too, get to travel to the Northern most part of the country. I didn't know that it is now the hottest part of the year and that we will get to experience 110+ degree weather. Wow!

We have a son in Baghdad, and he gets 140F degree heat.

With our lodging difficulties right now in Accra, we may just end up there at the same time you are there.