Thursday, March 27, 2008

Better Phone Number, and MORE JOY!

Hi all,

Someone that called the kidney transplant team here in Tulsa notified me today that Kara (the women to speak to if interested in donating) has a direct line and it is easier to get in touch with her that way. Her direct number is 918-502-3906. I'm not assuming that anybody intends to call, but still.... =-)

In other news, our church blessed us tonight with a time of intercession and prayer for Eric and our family. [Hi church!] At one point I started tearing up as I looked at these people who are part of our church family. We have a church family! We're finally connected! And it feels so good, so right.
There were lots of wonderful things revealed through prayer and both Eric and I feel so much "lighter" now. The Lord may decide to heal Eric's body completely at any time, but tonight we both received a healing in our hearts.



Bingaling 9:21 AM  

I am so glad that you are getting such great support from your new church family! Your church sounds so great!