Monday, March 17, 2008

A Post Just for Fun

Bright has been sporting his new Ghanaian outfits at church each Sunday. He is just so cute in them! I've got one more Sunday to go before I'm out of new clothes. This is my new favorite pic of him (above)

But this one is good to (above)!

Isn't ashame that I can do cornrows like this and I have no African little girl's hair to braid?! I practiced and practiced when we were waiting for our referral for Ghana, just in case it was a girl. I can't let the skill go to waste so sometimes Taevy has to put up with me cornrowing her hair. =-)
Sweet Taevy. I hope she never realizes quite how beautiful she is on the outside or we could have a few ego problems!

The magnadoodle has become popular at our house again lately. This is a "dog." Now...Taevy can draw dogs that really look like dogs, but I guess she was feeling more imaginative when she drew this one. I asked her what all of the lines were and she said that those were the dog's "waves and highlights." Okay then!
Samren's magnadoodle creation. Let me tell you, little Samren has struggled and struggled to learn how to draw pictures, letters, and numbers. These people are WAY better than they were a few months ago! It is a picture of Bright (showing he is two years old) and Samren. Then he decided to write everybody in the family's name (including the dogs). I just love Sammy's smile in this picture. Gotta groove on those eye brows!
Last but not least we have Bright's "nasty" face. This kid cracks us up. He definitely knows what "nasty" is. The other day we were watching one of those weird food shoes and the guy ate a bug. Bright looked at me and said, "Ewww! Nasty!" with his crinkled up nose face. In the clip below he is telling us how "nasty" the toilet is.


Sarah 9:25 PM  

All 3 of your children are sooooooo beautiful. I really enjoy learning about Ghana from your posts.