Saturday, April 26, 2008

Taevy Baby

One of Taevy's new big accomplishments is learning to take a shower all by herself. She has a ton of fun in there. She was cracking us up tonight with her loud rendition of "Down by the Bay" (with inserted deep south accent for effect)! It was so cute because she was going to town, not realizing that the whole house could here her.

I went in with the video camera to capture her singing. You could see just a bit of an outline of her body (before I edited the movie). Listen for the slapping/clapping sounds. That's when she decided to add some body percussion to the song, slapping her thighs and hands and tummy to the beat! At the end she surprised me and opened the door (!) but we've successfully edited THAT out! Anway, this is just one of those funny moments.

Taevy and I went to have special mommy/me time last night. Our mission was cheap shoes and summer clothes. We headed to the thrift store first (gotta teach the girl to look for bargains!). Then it was off to Sears. Finally we were headed to the mall, but got there just as they were closing the doors. Taevy said, "Mom, it's okay. But let's still hang out, okay?" I said, "Hang out?!" "Yeah Mom. Let's just go and chill some place and spend time together." "Where would you want to go? It's 9:00 at night." After a few seconds of thought.... "Starbucks! Let's just go and hang out at Starbucks! That's where my teacher likes to hang out!"

The girl cracks me up! If she's thinking Starbucks at 7 years old, what will she be into when she's 16?! She has never even been to a starbucks (nor have I) but has decided it must be a wonderful magical drink place if her teacher (whom she adores) goes there. Needless to stay, we skipped the Starbucks but did hit a Sonic for drinks. On they way home she said, "Mommy, I can't wait until I see my friends again." I said, "Why?" She said, "Because I'm going to tell them what a cool time we had tonight!"

Taevy is easily my most difficult child. She challenges me to the brink sometimes. I love her endlessly all the time. But one on one, when it's just me and her, she changes into this fantastic young lady that I know I am going to see as not only a daughter but also as a wonderful friend when she is an adult. Just like me and my mom. God truly did gift me with a daughter that I was meant to cherish forever. Love her, love her, love her!



Jim & Laurel 7:49 PM  

Love the Starbucks story. With 2 of our older kids having worked as Baristas, the younger kids know the coffee shop world all too well.

At 10 y.o., my Hosanna would place the most amazing drink order, telling the Barista exactly how hot (she knew the temp.) to make her hot chocolate, etc...

Mother/Daughter relationships can be amazing. While I do not have a relationship with my own mom, I have amazing relationships with 2 of my adult daughters, am working through some things with 3rd adult daughter, and can't wait for the "friendship" side of the relationship with the 3 upcoming daughters (ages 6, 9, 11).