Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Please pray for the children and staff at an orphanage AAI works with in the Central Region of Ghana. I was notified today that they have so little food that they have had to make one of the most basic (and un-nutritious) foods in Ghana--Banku (soya). They are eating it plain, with nothing else. And they are definitely NOT getting food 3 times a day. The children and staff all have diarrhea from the unhealthy food, but it's all they have.

AAI is working to raise money for this orphanage because they are in such desperate need. We want to help with food and clean water, in addition to large projects like a water borehole and electricity hookup. Right now the priority must be food and water.

Please consider making a donation towards this orphanage. You can do so by CLICKING HERE to make a tax deductible donation (push the blue Donate Now button). Please make a note of "Ghana--Kasoa Orphanage" on the donation form. Seriously folks--$5 makes a difference!!! Please help these kids. I don't usually beg for donations, but this is an urgent matter. We've got to do something for these kids.



Sarah 10:37 PM  

I just donated. Thanks for letting us know. You are right, every little bit does help. Please, update any new info you get on this orphanage.

Ericka 2:16 PM  

Anita, I donated yesterday, keep us updated as to whether enough $ is coming in, ok?