Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Did you know?

Did you know that if you have a child that is behind in speech all you have to do to fix the problem is have him evaluated and plan to begin speech services? If you do that--he's sure to start catching up on his own immediately! Good grief! LOL!

Bright was evaluated for early intervention services on May 12th. At that time he couldn't count (and had no concept of even repeating numbers by rote); had no concept of colors; had maybe 100 words, most of which a bystander wouldn't understand; and still didn't have words for "eat" or "drink."

NOW--les than 3 weeks later--the kid is counting 1-5 (looking at fingers); knows color words and tries to guess at colors (still doesn't get them right); has added a TON of words; is saying a TON of other words much more clearly; and has added "din-din" for eat, "wa-wi" for drink/water, "taco", "burger" and "chips" (can you tell his favorite foods?!).

"Mama" and "dada" have been replaced with "Mommy" and "Daddy." "ba-ba" (bye-bye) has been replaced with a clear-as-day "Bye!"

We're just amazed by our little guy. The funniest new thing he does is "argue" with us. I know, I know--gotta stop that quickly. But it's pretty funny when your two year old is extremely insistent that the peanut butter cookies you are making are actually tacos! He is just so flamboyant about it--waiving his arms and cocking his head. "No, blah, blah, baby talk, tacos!"

Most of his ABCs are clear as day,

so we've decided to also start singing the ABC song. This is the first song he's tried to sing and it's hilarious (to us). "A, B, C, D, sds, F, Geeeeeeee, H, dfd, dfd, dfd, L, p ,p ,p PEEEEE, sd, sdsd, Ssssss, T, Oooo, Veee... sdfsdfsdfsd, X, z, z, z, Zeee! Na Aw No Ma ABCeeeeees, blah, blah, ma, ma, ma, Meeee!

This is what it sounds like without Mommy. =-)


Heather 6:23 AM  

Seriously, can he be ANY cuter?! Your family is so precious!

Rachel 7:27 AM  

That is EXACTLY what happened with Micah! About 2 months ago I was starting to get really worried that he wasn't learning his numbers, his letters, his colors, anything (Jayden knew much more than Micah and Micah is in half-day preschool). The teacher and I started the paperwork to have him evaluated (it's different once the child's enrolled in school) and we ended up deciding to wait to do the full evaluation until next year. But, within a few weeks Micah started saying "B says Buh like Bear", writing a few letters and recognizing most colors. It's as if these kids know we're worried so they figure they'd better throw us a bone and make sure we know all is well! :)

So I agree. Apparently, ifyour child is delayed, just think about having them evaluated and they'll catch right up! Miracle cure. :)

Christy O 8:07 AM  

As a pediatric speech-language pathologist (now a sahm mom to five, two adopted internationally at 8 and 12), I can tell you that Bright's experience happens a lot! I have evaluated kiddos and gone back two weeks later to start therapy with them, and discovered that if I had tested them that day, they would not have qualified for services!!! LOL! Certainly not always, but it happens regularly! Don't know why except maybe the kid starts to want to figure out why we are making such a fuss about about this making noises with your mouth thing! But once they take off there is usually no stopping them! Cannot tell you how many parents who have said "Okay, now how do you make them stop?" - to which I laugh and say that we don't!

But, hooray for Bright!!!! He now will discover the joys of speech and the power too! Look out! LOL!

eric 9:59 AM  

He is so cute Anita!!I let my son watch the video of Bright voicing his opinion about the cookies and he started waving his arms and talking baby talk back to Bright on the screen!! So cute!

eric 9:59 AM  

Actually emily wrote that post not erc. I guess Im logged in as him!=)

Sister Haiti 2:08 PM  

Oh my gosh, Anita. He is SO CUTE!