Monday, June 16, 2008

Best Laid Plans...

Well, pink eye is a distant rosy memory. In it's place Scleritis has come to play willy nilly with my eye. The white of my eye is swollen like an overfilled water balloon, around the colored part of my eye. Isn't my description so technical? The good news is that it's not contagious. The bad news is I guess it can be sort of serious if it doesn't respond to treatment. It's like some sort of severe allergic reaction. And guess what I don't get to do? Yep--I'm not allowed to even think about pulling up old carpet and padding until it's healed (we'll see).

Both Eric and I have fevers in the 101 range (because all of this pink eye stuff comes with a lovely flu-like virus). Samren is on board with us. Taevy and Bright are good to go. Needless to say, we're sort of bummed at how our "vacation" has turned out so far. We aren't getting anything done and yet we're both too sick to work either!

This eye stuff really stinks. I've never had any eye issues. Makes me really compassionate towards my hubby that has gone through dozens of eye surgeries and had to deal with people giving him looks because his eye looks yucky (like permanent very pink eye). It's no fun to have kids pointing at their mommies in the grocery store. "Mommy! Look at that lady's eye! Gross!"

So for your viewing pleasure here is the best pic I can get of my eye--but it really doesn't do a good job of showing the swollen clear coating over the white of my eye. See how it kind of looks like I have a tear my eye? Yeah...that's the white of my eye, not a tear. Nasty!
I'm hoping that these drops work. The whole side of my face feels like a big bruise, and my eye is super itchy and burning at the same time.

Pray for our spirits. We really are bummed about this turn of events. =-(

P.S. Can you tell I'm one of those people who totally feels sorry for myself when I'm sick? Poor me! LOL!


Bingaling 6:24 PM  

Oh Bummer!!! What a terrible way to spend your vacation!!

I hope that your new eye drops work QUICKLY and you are all better soon! And that you can spend at least part of your vacation getting some of that work done in your house!

Would putting a cold compress on your eye help to lessen the swelling and pain?

Thinking of you Anita...

A. Gillispie 6:28 PM  

YES! A cold compress feels like heaven on it!

Heather A. 7:17 PM  

Sending prayers for a speedy recovery and cyber chicken soup. Hope your gang feels better soon so that the visions of pretty new floors become a reality.

Heather A

Amalama 8:27 PM  

Oh Miss Anita! I am so sorry to hear about your continuing, worsening ailments! I hope you get better super fast my sweet friend. :)


Amy J 10:42 PM  

Ouch! It hurts just to look at it. I'll pray for miraculous healing!

Amy Jo

We're Ghana Adopt 11:35 PM  

That completely stinks Anita! You don't have to feel sorry for yourself, I'll do it for you! :0) That stuff is awful. My husband is sick also, and it stinks because he was going to finish the painting. least you guys have the time to heal. :0) I'll keep you our prayers for a fast recovery!

The Eisele Family 9:00 AM  

What kind of drops are you using? This happens to our little guy and we have drops from the opthalmologist that clear it right up.