Thursday, June 05, 2008

False Alarm

I'll go into it later tonight when I have time to really blog, but I'm not going private after all. I probably over-reacted to something that happened. I have never wanted to go private. I hate the thought of it. Around 200 people read my blog on most days and I hate the thought of being limited to "choosing" 100 people to read my blog (blogger's limit for private blogs). So...I'll take my chances, believing that nothing horribly bad will come from me being transparent about the experiences I've had as an adoptive parents the last 7 years.

Thanks for putting up with me!


Heather 7:14 PM  

Yeah!! I was worried about you. I love being able to tell Potential Adopters to read your blog, so I didn't want it to be private. Thanks for sticking your neck out there for us!


Heather A. 7:36 PM  

Was worried about you too! I thought that maybe you got some hateful comments or had an online pediphile stalking you!

Anonymous 7:37 PM  

Oh, thank you for not going private - for a brief moment I couldn't find your blog and was really disappointed.

I've been lurking around since we decided to adopt from Ethiopia and I love reading the stories of your kids & family.

Christy O 7:40 PM  

Is there any way that you can email me privately regarding Vietnam, travel and whatnot?

Sarah 8:30 PM  

Anita, I was just telling my husband how sad I was that you went private. I've been following you since right before you came home with Bright. I LOVE the stories and the faith that ya'll have!! Thank you for sticking with us! Sarah

Story of our Life 9:00 PM  

Well, I missed whatever happened.I've not read the last few days post. For me Ineed to be able to 'concentrate' when I'm reading long posts or I don't really read it is just skimming.

So...tonight I'll take te time and read about your 'little' but 'big boy' now...(i am sure he will always be momma's lil boy...I tell Bry Bry that all the time...he doesnt' likethat..but it is the truth)

Anyway, glad you are not going private.

i've been struggling with this myself.

now...ihave NO WHERE near the amount of traffic you do ...but still...

take care

Amalama 9:03 PM  

I'm glad you'll be out there for all to see too- your blog is an amazing resource for PAPs, APs, and anyone interested in international adoption and humanitarian efforts.

I remembered how excited one of my co-workers was to come in and share about this great blog she had found with pictures of Kasoa Orphanage (right after we had reached out to the staff to try to donate to help with the water borehole project) and how she had shared these photos with her daughter. She had tears in her eyes as she shared that her 10 year old daughter really "got it" from the photos and your post... wow!

Love you, love your blog,