Monday, August 11, 2008

As I wait for morning...

You know what's fun? To remember after two weeks in Ghana that you brought an MP3 player loaded with tons of songs that you like! Up, yeah...that would have been nice to remember earlier in the trip! But tonight the music and me have been one as I packed and jammed! I'm sure the people outside my room are wondering what that squawking noise coming from my room is! Just little 'ol me, dancing and singing my heart out!

I took two pictures tonight that people are going to wonder about. I took a picture of some bullion cubes, and a tub of "butter." There are certain things I buy as personal groceries when I come here, to help me supplement the one or two regular meals in a day. One of those things is a tub of butter (to go on the freshly baked bread you can get on any corner). But with no fridge that isn't really easy to do. UNLESS you buy magical Blue Band! No, it's not butter, it's "fat spread." Sound tasty? Mmm! ;-) Actually, it does the job of butter just fine. They use it at Eban House, so if you buy some while here you can always leave the extra at Eban. I took a picture of the Blue Band tub tonight.

Other yummy favorite fun foods in Ghana include Tampico (think Sunny D), Kalypo (a juice box), Fan Choco (chocolate frozen yogurt that you suck out of a corner of the bag is just fun), Milo (mild-flavored hot or cold chocolate drink), individual size Nutella (I love this stuff but don't allow it for myself at home!), Orange Fanta, Coctail Fanta (not a Pineapple Fanta fan), the bananas and pineapples here (yummo), and a chocolate shake from the Osu Food Court.

The other thing I took a picture of is a package of Maggi cubes that we bought the other day at Shopright. Maggi cubes are basically bullion cubes. They are put into just about every Ghanaian meal I've ever seen made (especially the shrimp). I have aspirations of at least making a good Ghanaian-stype soup/sauce to go with rice once home, so I had to buy the Maggi cubes! Yes, I took a picture of them too. The only thing is...I remember a customs officer on my last trip ask a Ghanaian woman if she had brought any Maggi home. It sounded like maybe he would have taken it away from her if she had. So I have to hope my precious Maggi cubes make it through customs! LOL!

Anita Gillispie
AAI Ghana Coordinator
Mom to Taevy (7,Cambodia); Samren (6, Vietnam), and Bright (2, Ghana)