Saturday, August 23, 2008

Kilo Update

I know it's only been like 18 hours, but I really think we got a winner of a puppy. Kilo (already being nicknamed "KiKi" boy our nickname happy family) is doing just awesome. She goes to the door when she needs to use the potty, did awesome in the crate last night, and is already learning to sit when a child comes up to her to pet her (will be important when she is huge). She is SO smart.

I did do a lot of reading on Akitas last night (thanks Mia's Mommy) and I think the breed will be a good fit for us. We like a dog that is all about our family and not necessarily about being overly friendly with other people. As long as when we introduces her to visitors she accepts them (instead of running up and biting them when their back is turned, like Cai did), that will be fine. It's obvious that we have to show her WE are the boss or she would grow up to be a big bully. That is going well though.

I'm just highly impressed. Love will grow, but so far I really LIKE her, and that makes it a lot easier to get up with her in the middle of the night!



Story of our Life 4:41 PM  

Your new little one is just adorable.

Even more adorable...

How BIG Bright is!! I can't even begin to tell you how it melts my heart. Your blog was the first blog I EVER is the first blog I read when I was just thinking about adopting again. I will not forget looking at Bright's pic - shortly after your referral thinking...WOW. And!!

He is sooo darn cute and getting so darn big. :)

sue 8:27 PM  

Very cute puppy, Anita!


Kristin Jag 10:46 PM  

My nickname is Kiki. I don't know if that is good or bad it is the same as a dogs! :-)

A. Gillispie 10:50 PM  

Gala, I noticed with that particular pic that Bright looks SO TALL and like a preschooler!

Kristin, oh no! LOL! Well, I promise that I will only call her KiKi when she is being a very good girl! ;-)

Bingaling 1:01 PM  

I agree with Gala...Bright looks so big in that photo!!!

It is so hard to say goodbye to a much-loved family dog, no matter what the reason. But, you made the right decision. I hope that Kilo is a great fit for your family. She sure is cute!