Monday, August 25, 2008

See ya, Wagon!

Ya'll, I fell so far off the weight loss wagon tonight that I can barely see it kickin' up dust way up in front! Why can't they make a whole diet plan with chocolate? Like really good, gooey chocolate goodness? That way I wouldn't have to go to the grocery story and throw in a box of Milk Duds in the cart among the plethora of "good for me" stuff I really don't want to eat. Ugh.

I "went" to a cyber "shower" for one of our AAI families who got a referral, and folks posted recipes. Even LOOKING at the recipes made me gain weight! I couldn't stand the cyber temptation and had to eat real life chocolate (milk duds)! LOL!

Seriously, I remember the one time I went through this before--weight loss that is. I lost 50 pounds. I remember the first 3 weeks being the hardest because I was getting all of the (really good tasting bad for me) stuff out of my system. After a while though, my body began to crave the better-for-me stuff rather than the really bad processed gooey stuff. I just want to be there NOW because this point in the weight loss game is not fun.

In case anybody might be wondering why I am trying so hard all of the sudden to lose weight.... I need to lose weight so I can be approved to be Eric's kidney donor. I'm going for it. But my BMI is on the verge of being too high. I need to lose 5 to really get started and 20 before surgery (that is my goal). I need to lose 60....but if I can lose 20 before the surgery that is a start.



Heather A. 9:39 PM  

You can do it! I know you can!

Isn't it funny how good you feel when you treat your body right? Love that feeling. Do you need a buddy?

I've managed to put on 10 since I came back with Mary, and I need to take it OFF. When we toook all of our pictures over the weekend, I was bending, standing, squating, leaning. . . I'm seriously out of shape.

Josiane et Nicolas 5:32 AM  

Have you heard of Michel Montignac? He is a French dietitian who makes wonders. Pick up of of his books (one is adapted for North Americans). His "diet" is loosely based on diabetes diet. It's more about the right combination of foods rather than counting calories (which he doesn't believe in). And he allows chocolate... Highly recommenced!

Ericka 5:46 AM  

Anita, that is so cool.
I'm really trying to just eliminate high fructose corn sugar and I don't know if I'm losing actual weight but that wonderful tummy roll is starting to go away - without intentional exercise.
Just a thought and one small thing that is actually kinda works!!!
Will be praying you along....

RJ and Rebecca Caswell 7:30 AM  

What amazing motivation you have to lose weight!! I am praying for you as you strive for your goal.

Amalama 5:20 PM  

Hi Anita,

Wishing you the highest success on your weight loss... you couldn't have a better reason in the world. :)

And FYI- being on a diet doesn't mean you can't have a treat once in a while sister!