Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Latest on the mystery illness...

So today I went to my family doctor, armed with a "specimen" of what I've been coughing. Lovely. She did some sort of test to see if the chest pain was harmless, but I didn't "pass." Then we talked about my family history. At the end of things she gave me cipro to add to the z-pak, and some sort of inhaler. She called and made me an appointment with the pulmonologist for tomorrow. She said we better be safe rather than sorry with my family history.

Tonight the chest pain is pretty huge again. I had some relief today with a pain pill but it's gone now. Maybe we'll get answers tomorrow!

P.S. You all are very sweet with all of the comments and private messages. I feel vewy wuved!


whenpigsfly 7:31 PM  

WELL I was going to just come and bring soup tomorrow , make a trip to Mardel's out of the trip too, but not until the dentist's office called did I remember that tomorrow Rachel had to have work done on two bad teeth. NO TRIP TO ANYWHRE with a dentist appnt at 1:30 PM
we will keep praying for a GOOD REPORT and understanding on the part of the doctor about what is going on!! You ARE wuvved !!! We wuv ouh a wattttt!

Nicole - Raising Animals 7:47 PM  

I wish you lived near us so I could send you to my pulmonologist! I don't know that I trust any other doc to do right by you! hehe
Good luck at the doc and please keep us updated. We're all dreadfully worried about you!

Jen 11:08 PM  

Oh my, I missed a day of your blog and your latest updates. I certainly have you in my prayers and hope that this is something that your arsenal of medicines can take care of and that it is figured out soon... Thank you for keeping us updated..


We're Ghana Adopt 12:36 AM  

I am so sorry that you aren't feeling well. It is scary to not know what is going on. Cipro is great stuff. I got a horrible cough thing when I went to Africa a year ago and the Cipro was my wonder drug! I hope it helps you!
Sendind hugs your way!

Christina 5:42 AM  

I'm glad your doctor is taking this seriously. It's time to make this chest pain and coughing stop!! Praying for you...