Monday, September 08, 2008

Wind Beneath My Wings

Whenever I get down, or start to wonder if my work is making enough of a difference in the lives of children, it seems that God always sends me a pick-me-up.

Last week I got a note from one of our adoptive parents that her son wants to call and talk to Auntie Anita on the phone.

Today I got an update on one of our kids that had surgery to correct an unbilical hernia, complete with the cutest pic ever.

And tonight I got an email from Francis--one of our first Eban House kids to come home. It went like this:

“I never see you. I will see yoyu this summer at camp. I um, I want you to come to my party when I have my birthday. I want to give you some presents. I love kindergarten and I love Miss Howard. I want you to come here. I love you and I miss you. Francis”

I can't tell you the deep part of my soul that is reached by these children who remember ME as any part of their story. I play such a small roll. Hearing from our past Eban House kids is like the sweetest most decadent icing on top of a perfect cake.'

What a blessing these children are. And bless their parent too, for being open in providing them whatever communication they desire after they are home!



Nicole - Raising Animals 9:48 AM  

Look at how many lives you've blessed! You're a very beautiful woman, Anita!