Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Work Afghan

I just finished my first afghan of the season. I'm working on three. ;-) I wanted this smaller afghan to sit on my chair. I sit on my rocker recliner, laptop in lap, to work each day. I'm very near our fireplace, which has a cold draft when not in use, so it will be nice to have a warm afghan to put on my legs while I'm working each day! I wanted this in autumn colors both because that's the season and because my house is decorated in autumn colors.
The afghan was made with three different square (let me know if you want the patterns)--"open work", "criss-cross", and a double crochet-single crochet repeat. Then I did four rounds of 1/2 double crochet as a border for the afghan. Pretty pleased with the results.


Joy 10:07 PM  

That is SO pretty! I wish I knew how to crochet. I have books and needles (hooks?), etc. and never have learned. You've inspired me to try again. :-)


Momto13 9:52 AM  

Absolutely beautiful Anita. You certainly have SKILLS!!

Robin 2:38 PM  

Well, I promised to show you my finished product, but its going to take FOREVER. I got stuck again and with a 10.5 month old and working adoptions full time....we'll you know how it is. :) I promise to share though. Thanks for all the help.

Ericka 3:14 PM  

VERY beautiful Anita!!!!
I too, have my house in autumn colors :)

Deborah 9:39 PM  

This is just so pretty and cozy! I am working on a "special blanket" for one of my kiddos. I have made 4 so far - over the course of 17 years!!! I guess you could say I'm slow. The child I'm making this one for laughed and said, "Mama, with the two new little ones, this means you're not even half way done!" You did a beautiful job. How do you put the squares together?

A. Gillispie 10:11 PM  

Thanks all!

Deborah, I have a quilting needle that I use with a peice of yarn to weave the squares together. Once you weave the ends in it's secure, even though there are no actual knots.