Thursday, January 01, 2009


Happy New Year! I've seen so many nice blog posts today mentioning goals and mottoes for 2009. I don't know. I am just not "there" right now. I guess this is a year that I don't have a clue about. Usually there is some sense of direction coming into the new year. Not this time.

Will Eric get his kidney transplant? If he does will it take? If it takes, will life be easier or harder (rejection drugs vs. dialysis)?

How will Ghana adoptions go this year? Will things get faster, slower, or stop all together? If they stop, will I have a job?

Will this be the year that I get serious about losing weight? If tonight's diet is any indication, the answer to that one is a big FAT no! LOL!

Will we get more out of debt this year, or more into debt?

I guess I am just trying to be at peace with whatever comes our way in 2009. If I had one resolution it would be to live my life in a more personal way with the Lord each day. Sometimes I'm good at that and other times I phase out of it in certain areas of my life and before I know it, it's like I'm hanging off a cliff with no life rope. If I can just remember to take EVERYTHING to Him first (before I act) my life goes so much better!



Laurel 1:21 AM  

Right there with you tonight ... kind of feeling, "oh ... it's a new year ... wonder what it will bring ..."

No big expectations; no big concerns. Just life moving along ...


Amy 11:38 AM  

Happy New Year my friend! I hope 2009 brings you unexpected bliss and joy! :)