Monday, January 05, 2009

Creative Dishwashing with the Gillispies

Well, we're going to experience something as a family for the next several weeks that should be interesting. Our kitchen sink faucet stopped working yesterday. On top of that, our downstairs bathroom sink faucet decided to stop delivering water except for a very slow trickle. Hmm...that makes washing dishes interesting!

There is no money in the budget to get two new faucets and hire a plumber to put them in. None. We are just going to have to suck it up and make do until we can save the money (probably a few months). I told the kids we are doing dishes "the Ghana way." Well, in reality we still have it a lot better than most people in Ghana and the rest of the developing world. After all, I don't have to walk 2 blocks and then carry back 10 gallon jugs of water on my head! But it's still pretty primitive dishwashing to our spoiled American way of thinking.

First, I keep a bucket of cold water next to the sink so that I can pour a bit of water off of dishes to rinse them out during the day (cereal bowls and the like). At night we have to collect water from the trickling downstairs sink (takes about 20 minutes to get enough) and then boil some of it to make the water warm enough to clean the cooking dishes. Yee-haw! Fun!

Thank goodness we DO still have our dishwasher, so it's just a matter of getting them clean enough to put in there. I know one thing....I will appreciate my kitchen sink water once we have it again. And it really does keep me humble about how easy we have it, even without the kitchen sink water! Man, we are spoiled here in America.



Nadia 10:17 AM  

anita,can you e-mail me?? I have questions about ghana adoption


At the Foot of the Cross 3:01 PM  

I think paper plates are the order of the day! Kind of like when you go camping....

Kristin Jag 3:06 PM  

Ugh-good luck and I am impressed with your positive attitude! My kitchen faucet went out a few months ago, just after our van transmission and another biggie. A few days later the bathroom tub faucet broke and I lost it! I was saving too, but ended up going to Home Depot to see exactly how much they were. There is a big range and more affordable than I thought so I took money out of another part of the budget. The directions were actually pretty self explanatory for the one we purchased, so we didn't need to hire a plumber. Hopefully you can save that way and be able to purchase one sooner.

A. Gillispie 3:31 PM  

Oh, did I forget to mention the paper plates and bowls?! We are definitely doing that as well--to cut back on the number of dishes!

KJag, no such luck for us! =-( Our kitchen we remodeled before we moved here with some weird sink that has one handle on the side and a soap dispenser on the other side. The cheapest one we have found like it so far is $218! We have to get that kind because of the holes cut in the corrian countertops. The bathroom faucet will be cheapo to replace, thank goodness. But with Eric not being able to see and with me being a wimp, we'll have to call a plumber--unless my step dad comes for a visit! LOL!


A. Gillispie 3:32 PM  

Sorry, meant to say, Our kitchen WAS remodeled before we moved here...

Kristin Jag 3:40 PM  

Aw man!good luck in the mean time then....btw, I like your new profile pic!