Friday, January 23, 2009

Inaguration Day

Wow! What a day for America!!! And I am in Africa! LOL! Nevertheless, the day was a big one worldwide. Ghanaian people are huge Obama supporters. There was much more excitement in the air over today's inauguration than there was about the opening of the Summer Olympics back in July. The inauguration coverage was on every TV you walked by, all day long. Many people who saw me today made talk about what a huge step this is for America, and how proud they are of America for electing a "black" president.

I figured I would miss it all, but God something different in mind. It just so happened that I sat down to eat at an open air restaurant as Obama was making his inauguration speech. Several people were gathered around the TV watching it on BBC, and everybody in the place was at least watching from their table. The sound was up, and the mood was festive. Everybody got such a kick out of seeing the bundled people in cold D.C.! Oh--and how they laughed when they showed an American dancing or cheering for Obama. What a fun way to watch the first black president come into office--sitting in Africa, drinking a Fanta, eating chicken and rice.