Friday, January 30, 2009

The Lord's Purpose

Many are the plans in a man's heart, but it is the LORD's

purpose that prevails. -- Proverbs 19:21

Wouldn't it be nice if your plans always worked out to be the Lord's purpose as well? As long as we were always right about our plans being best! But alas, that's not the universe we live in. That's not the belief I have. So I find that my earthly experiences often lend themselves to a certain idea that may or may not also be the Lord's will on an issue. If I'm being a good servant to Him, I put it to prayer, and wait for His answer.
Eric and I are in that place right now. Waiting for God to move so that we know his purpose in a certain situation. It is so hard. God gives us free will and we could make any decision according to our own will. And I even believe that God can turn not-so-perfect but good-intentioned decisions into blessings! But what we want this time is His absolute perfect will.
We are, in essence, "putting out a fleece." I believe God gives us masterful guidance in how we should live our lives through His word in the Holy Bible. But in this situation, Eric and I are sincerely confused about what God would have us to do. And so we are humbly asking God to make the answer "dummy-proof" for us.
It isn't ideal. I don't think God wants us to walk around asking Him to confirm His will on every matter under the sun. The answers are already in the Bible. But before Eric and I step off of this particular "cliff" we need to see God's assurance that it is His purpose for our lives, and that He will provide the means to carry out what He may have called us to do.
I'm so thankful that the Lord forgives our small minds and earthly attitudes! I'm so thankful that He doles out a bit of extra mercy and grace for those that sincerely need it. I am waiting humbly for God to meet us in our need for extra assurances. But gosh, waiting is hard!



mary grace 1:22 PM  

Now I'm wondering what in the world it might be. :-) No matter. Unspoken prayer requests settle just as easily at the foot of the Lord's throne.

Lord Jesus, I pray for clarity, courage and peace for Anita and her family. You know their questions ... please make your answers so clear-cut that your will cannot be mistaken. Amen.

Ericka 7:00 PM  

hhhmmm, that cute little baby hand kinda gives it away.....
Anita, giving it to God is very scary, I completely understand, we just sent the program fee to our agency today. Money that we don't necessarily have, but I have given it in God's name and Jesus' work here on Earth.
Maybe I'm putting out the fleece also.... right there with you.....

Amy 9:02 PM  

Hello my friend! I am praying for you (and have been). I hope God's plan and yours are on a similar path this time, but I know you are wise enough to trust His hand in your life. Love you, love you!


whenpigsfly 10:04 PM  

You know I'm trusting God with you and FOR YOU!! May your answers be as clear for you as God's YES to us when it was time to start our adoption of Naomi or as clear of a NO as when I was all set to go to Ghana in April of 07 and God shut that door TIGHTLY when Naomi turned up to have a collapsed lung and pneumonia in both lungs and we spent half the time I'd planned to be in Ghana for by being in the hospital tending to a very sick 5 year old! Excited to see how God shows you what He wants to do in your lives!