Monday, January 12, 2009

T minus 70 hours!

I'm getting weepy over spending time with my kids.

I can't sleep because I'm making up to do lists in my mind.

My dining room table looks like a mini travel-size tornado hit it.

My granola bars and mini oreos are neatly packed into baggies.

My liquid items all fit into a quart sized security approved bag.

I have a new book, just waiting to be read (after take off).

My handheld mini-fan has a new battery and is ready to go.

My flashlight is recharged and prepared for "light off!"
I'm praying, praying, PRAYING that I don't get sick in the next two weeks!!

And I have the terrible wonderful mixed up feeling of knowing I'm going to travel across the globe again in a few days!



Amy 9:13 PM  

Anita! I can't believe it is so close already! That is insane that you are leaving so soon. I wish you a wonderful, fun, fruitful, peaceful time where you come home feeling like you accomplished all you had hoped. I can't wait for any updates (that work out- I know how that can be sometimes in Ghana)!!!

Love you, travel safely,
Amy Fabu

whenpigsfly 9:36 AM  

We will be praying for your time in Ghana and praying for your famiy at home too!!!
And I remain , ever so lovingly jealous of your trip!!