Tuesday, January 27, 2009

You know you are in America when...

...you are sitting in a chair on the internet, your husband is at the kitchen table on the internet, and your daughter is at the breakfast bar on the internet...all within 10 feet of each other! "click, click, click..."

...the Harmattan is gone, replaced by an ice storm.

...all of the cars on the road have people INSIDE of them rather than people hanging off of all accessible areas! This is seriously something that caught my attention as I drove yesterday.

...there is more than three TV stations, and none of them are "snowy."

...you can hug your kids!!!

I'm beginning to come out of my post-trip fog but still have a lot of work to catch up on. My brain is still de-fragging from all of the information and experiences I had in Ghana. This was a REALLY good trip. One kind of funny thing is that 4 of 5 of us have a cold--but I got mine in Ghana! How ironic is that? So the Gillispies are sitting around, working or playing on the computer, and sniffling constantly.

Thanks for all of your prayers and comments during this past few weeks. They are much appreciated. Nice to know that I'm not totally just speaking into the wind when I write on the blog!