Thursday, March 12, 2009

First purchase for #4!

At least officially, it is the first purchase. We did send a few things over to Ghana that might fit a certain little girl--but they couldn't be sent specifically to her since we don't have her referral yet.

Today (and through Sunday) at Old Navy they are having 30% off PLUS 5% goes to one of several charities (I chose The Global Fund). I had a $40 gift certificate from my birthday, so I went shopping!!!

I got a few summer shirts for myself, and a few adorable sweaters for #4. It's so fun to buy things for my future baby! I felt "safe" buying sweaters since they can be worn on the air plane, or when she gets home in the cool weather. [I hope she will be home before it turns cool.]

I bought 2 sweaters for #4, 2 shirts for me, and 2 pairs of earrings. My grand total including shipping and tax was $4.12. I could get used to "shopping" like that!



Heather A. 11:34 AM  

Those bright colors will look great with #4's complexion! I especially love the coral stripped one. So cute and girly!

Calmil2 1:36 PM  

Oh, so cute!!! I can't wait to start shopping for baby girl :) Harmony

Momto13 2:39 PM  

Thanks for the reminder to use that awesome coupon!! :)
I love what you picked btw.

Rachel 9:34 AM  

Those are adorable! I find that my beautiful brown kids look so great in bright colors - stuff I could never get away with wearing! :)